“The Yell Leaders exist to promote and to perpetuate all Aggie traditions and Aggie athletics and to serve as ambassadors for Texas A&M University in everything that we do.” – Texas Aggie Yell Leaders’ Mission

Scheduling the Yell Leaders

The Yell Leaders accept appearance requests for events sponsored by or affiliated with Texas A&M University, including recognized student organization events, that align with one or more of the following criteria:

  • Have a “value-added” effect for Texas A&M
  • Perpetuate spirit and tradition at Texas A&M
  • Educate on spirit and tradition at Texas A&M
  • Support the mission and purpose of the Texas Aggie Yell Leaders

To submit an appearance request, please visit yellonline.tamu.edu.  For questions, please contact Kenneth Johnson at 979-845-1133.

Upcoming Appearance Schedule

This feature will be coming soon!

A Note About Auctions and Other Charitable Events…

Organizations wishing to include an interaction with the Yell Leaders as part of their charitable events and/or auction item packages should submit an appearance request as described above.  These events (or inclusion in auction packages) should also meet the criteria that is outlined for appearances in order for the request to be considered.  No request is guaranteed until an appearance confirmation has been received.

While the Yell Leaders would love to support all of the wonderful charities that take place in and around Aggieland, please know that we are not obligated to fulfill any aspect of an event or auction package that has not received our prior consent. This is primarily due to the other commitments already on our schedule.  We appreciate your understanding!